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Hi, I’m Grace and I'm passionate about helping the unconventional path takers realize their dream of owning real estate.

If you're anything like me, you've taken the road less traveled. You weren't convinced that the white picket fence was your key to happiness. You've explored many passions and have placed a higher value on experiences rather than things. Perhaps you chose to save up for travel adventures instead of a down payment. Maybe you have a habit of living for today, but now, you see tomorrow got here quicker than expected, and owning real estate feels like the right next move.

It wasn't long ago I found myself in this very spot and I realized I would need to navigate things differently to achieve my dream of home ownership. This is why I am committed to helping people on a similar path get a head start on purchasing real estate, either as a home sanctuary, or to begin building an investment portfolio.

Grace Alexander, The Expert Realtor for Side-Hustlers, Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed.

I have a passion for working with small business owners, side hustlers and self-employed people because that's me too! I totally understand the drive to be in control of your time and resources and pave a life that is uniquely your own. I love how small business gives back to the community in which they live, providing valuable services and I love to advocate for these heroes of the community. 

Marching to Beat of Your Own Drum

Star pegs don't fit into square holes. Nay-sayers who only work with cookie-cutter clients can only offer cookie-cutter solutions. You need an innovative thinker in your corner, someone who delights in creative solutions and has a tool belt of out-of-the-box assets ready to deploy.

The road less traveled does come with more bends along the way, and can take longer than the well traversed path. In cases where multiple streams of income are concerned, discovering how to get credit for every dollar earned goes a long way towards purchasing your ideal property.

It's no secret that financial institutions like conventional. They like straight forward. If that doesn't sound like you, don't lose heart! There are some lesser known tricks of the trade that I will love to share with you. If you do have a steady W-2 job, that's awesome and will definitely help with qualifying, but it's not mandatory to buy a house. 

Playing to Win

Let's Do this!

It's important to know that as much as we might like spontaneity, home buying for us unconventional folk might require a bit more forethought than the average buyer. There are special steps that need to be taken to position yourself to have the most leverage in the shortest amount of time, which is why the sooner we chat, the better! Even if you think you may not want to buy for a year or two, lets get this conversation started so that when you are ready to take the leap, you'll be as prepared as those cookie-cutter buyers.

Victory favors preparation, so the sooner we develop a tailored road map for your unique goals, the closer your dream of owning real estate becomes! After all, a goal without a plan is just a wish! Book your free, no obligation strategy session today!

What my clients say about me

“Our needs never went unnoticed"

"Grace is truly top-notch. If you are a first time home buyer or just looking for something new, she will go above and beyond to find you your perfect home. She even included our dog on our first home buying adventure! Her attention to our needs never went unnoticed. Grace truly gives you keys!"

—Samantha, Tasha and Meatball Sacramento First Time Buyers

I Honor Your Unique and Inspired Vision

When I was nineteen, I left my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to California with a couple thousand dollars and a dream in my heart. After a month long stint in Santa Cruz, the money dwindled away and I found myself on a Greyhound bus heading for the Yuba River tucked into the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. For the next year, I lived in a tent and did odd jobs here and there for groceries. The following year I upgraded to living in a converted school bus with a little wood burning stove.
When I decided to backpack through France at twenty-six, I put the trip on a credit card and it took me three years to pay it off. This was when my journey towards building solid credit started. I've had some kind of side-hustle for as long as I can remember. I did some photography for a time, and I've had an online re-sell business nearly ten years.
In 2016 I started teaching aerial silks at a local gym and eventually branched into a sole proprietorship. It became a successful coaching business and I still continue to teach a small handful of my most long-term students as I am so grateful for their loyalty and I truly love coaching. I understand both the joys and struggles of working for yourself and building a business that is a true passion. And now that I am in the wonderful world of real estate, yet another self-employed profession, I want to bring my passion and expertise of the self-employed, side-hustle life to process of home ownership. 
All this is to say that whatever your unique life journey has been, you won't get any judgement from me! What you will receive are the five guiding principles I base my business around.

My Five Guiding Principles 

Seek to Understand - The more I understand about you as a person, your goals, your history, and your motivations, the clearer picture I have. Clarity is key for efficiency and mitigating overwhelm! 
Educate - Being well informed is essential in making the best decisions for your situation. There are no stupid questions in my book. I want to be sure you understand your options and the home buying process inside and out!
Right Timing - I don't believe in forcing things as I never want my clients to feel regret. You won't get salesy pressure from me. However, in this market, bold moves are at times required! I'll encourage you to act when it's in your best interest and in alignment with your stated goals. 
Live to Give - Service comes first. I am your advocate, acting on behalf of your desires, dreams and goals. I want you to feel supported and confident every step of the way. I fulfill my mission when you are delighted with your real estate results and experience.
Follow Through - Once we succeed and the keys are in your hand, I consider it the beginning of our relationship. I don't disappear once the check is cashed. I truly love to hear how you are enjoying your new home, or how the investment property is going. I build things to last and our relationship is no exception!

Say goodbye to fitting the mold and hello to a tailor made journey home

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