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Buying a home takes a lot of preparation and planning. It’s important to get your finances in order and other tasks done before you even start house hunting!

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Have you been watching the interest rates climb, nervously nail-biting, hoping they fall ASAP? If so, you’re not alone. Yes, rates are higher than they’ve been in years.  But should higher rates prevent you from moving forward with buying a home?  Maybe, maybe not.

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Many first-time buyers look forward to finally visiting listings and stepping into an actual home they’ve seen only online.
House hunting can be exciting and even fun at times, but you still need to have a strategy in place. That’s why the tips below can give you an added edge.

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Did you know that some normal — even harmless everyday activities — could hurt your chances of buying your dream home?  You want to avoid any slip-ups that might make your lender think twice about processing your mortgage loan.

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Buying a home in the Greater Sacramento or Sierra Foothills market requires an understanding of not only the seasonal shifts in market activity but also the weekly flow of the market. 
You’ll need to understand that there are two cycles – both a yearly one and weekly one when looking at homes.

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The MAJOR Mistake Many Home Buyers Are Making Right Now (Spring 2022) Homebuyers seem to be in a rush right now. Interest rates had been rising for the past few months. But with the uncertainty in the markets right now, those rates are holding steady. Because of this, I’m noticing a lot of panic buying […]

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Hi, I’m Grace and I'm here to help small business owners, side-hustlers and self-employed people buy their first home or investment property in Sacramento and the Sierra Foothills!

Your life isn't conventional, and your home buying journey doesn't have to be either.

If you dream of buying your first home and don't know where to start, or you'd like to take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level by investing in real estate, book a free strategy call with me. In learning about your specific goals, unique situation and ideal time frame, I will coach you in the next steps on the road of turning your dreams into realty. 

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